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Let’s Get Wellington Moving was tasked with solving transport:

"from Ngauranga Gorge to the Airport, encompassing the Wellington Urban Motorway and connections to Wellington Hospital and eastern and southern suburbs"


  • Ngauranga is almost directly opposite the tip of Miramar, 4km straight across.

  • A bridge would get people to the south and east of Wellington without the disruption of cutting through town or the expense of CBD land purchases.

  • It could have whatever bike or bus lanes were wanted.

  • Moving traffic that doesn’t want to be in the CBD, out of the CBD, frees up space for specialist use lanes

  • Look at the Global Examples page for similar recently completed projects

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 10.06.24

Withstand 480km/hour winds

Withstand a 7.4 Earthquake

An icon for generations

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